LaToya Davidson-Perez
LaToya's Favorite Products
Check out some of my favorite apps!
World's #1 accounting software for small businesses!
Fully integrated online appointment scheduling for enterprise and SMB clients. Connect SalesForce, Exchange, Zapier, Pipedrive, and more.
Social Media Management, Simplified!
Presentations that design themselves
Evernote is the place to organize your work, declutter your life, and remember everything.
All-in-One Tools and Services for Content Posting & Recycling and More
Top Project Management Solution for Gmail users. (Agile, SCRUM, Kanban)
PartnerStack helps companies open scalable and cost-effective acquisition channels through partnerships.
Shift is the workstation for productive people. Shift users enjoy single-click access to 1000+ applications, extensions and mail accounts!
Simple process and workflow management software. Create SOPs, recurring checklists and automated workflows in seconds.